I have chosen a domain name; what are the checks to be made before filing it?

French law and the naming policy defined by AFNIC require that a certain number of simple rules be respected when choosing a domain name. Before filing it with us, make sure that the name you have chosen:

  • does not contain terms that are liable to disrupt public order or morality, or the rights guaranteed by the French Constitution or French law;
  • does not contain terms that may infringe intellectual property rights or personal rights, unless you can demonstrate a legitimate interest in doing so and that you are acting in good faith;
  • is not identical or related to that of the French Republic, of a local authority or group of local authorities, of an institution or a local or national public service, unless you can demonstrate a legitimate interest in doing so and that you are acting in good faith.
  • has not already been registered with AFNIC (to do so, before filing the name, use the search service for domain name availability).
  • complies with the syntactic rules specified in the naming policy
  • is not on the list of terms subject to prior review.

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